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mirror 2I thought moving here would be different, the house itself has many windows where it is always sunny but at night so different. When I first moved in I did experience some strange stuff, like the orb of light that had floated across my kitchen cabinets and I thought what the hell. In time I would hear someone walking up and down the stairs to the second floor or when I came home from work at night with the kids as soon as I walked in I would hear the basement light switch would flick on to the point I called my sister saying someone was in the house and having family come and check the basement. Or when my daughters are up in their room they would hear walking in the hallway or even a moan sound to where they would call out thinking something was wrong with me when I was down stairs and I would say what. When the girls would have there cousins over to spend the night they would be freaked because of what they hear in the attic always some type of pounding. I had lifted up the entrance door and had snapped a picture of a mist in which I had given to my nephew to prove I was not nuts. One day I was telling my sister who does not believe in this stuff had gotten out the latter lifted the door and told what ever was up there that this is not there home anymore and that they would have to move on for awhile it was ok…but strange stuff still happens, like my daughter had a sleep over and we were all down stairs to watch tv because I did not have cable upstairs and my niece left her phone upstairs on the table and we all had heard something fall we went up there and her cell phone was in the middle of the floor. or even most recently my daughter and her friend were home alone and again my daughter was downstairs and her friend was using the washing room while in there he had heard a dresser drawer open and close and the doorknob to the bathroom moved. I will post the picture that been taken immediately afterwards of the mirror in the bedroom where the drawer opened and closed and in the other room the window..I do not know he had chosen the window but he knew of the scratching that would come from that area..So I wonder if it is people that are Haunted or Places?