As A Child

When I was young I had alwas had a vivid immagination, I was around the age of six…I had a big family a total of eight siblings and my parents our ages ranged basically about two years apart.  When I first felt that I could vision things that were not truly there was a time my brother our only brother was trying to scare his sisters. We lived in an old fashion type of apartment on the second floort they had still the old pull chain for the toilet..we had bay windows in the dinning room, not to mention that is where all us girls had to sleep in bunkbeds that were placed up against the two oppisite walls, we had our toys in racks in the center of the floor to where it was an open area of play.  As this day goes, it was a Saturday and like always my mom trying to clean with all of kids running around to where she chased us off into our room(the dinning room) to play with none of us knowing that my brother had snuck under the bottom bed of the bunk beds laying in wait for the big scare. It was me who had been witness to this type of terror to where as I went to place my doll back into the rack I had heard a growl.. and as I looked in the direction of where it had come from there it was this menacing monster bearing fangs as I had screamed bloody murder and ran for my mother as she stopped all cleaning running in the same direction looking for what had terrified me so, and there he was my brother laughing his head off mission accomplished. You see at that time I was aware that even though it was my brother… it was a monster I saw!