I had lived and grew up in Chicago for the most part of my adult life and in the 1970s the places to hang was at Addison Rocks or Diversy Harbor where you could walk the lake front and enjoy the sounds of the Hari Kristnas who always had nectar to hand out or you could go to Addison Rocks where all Artist seem to be..adding their voices with paint to the Rocks that lined the shore line, I always felt the Artist should have charged admission to visualize their works of Art made of chalk.  Montrose Harbor was the place to be in early part of January for smelt fishing…(I am pretty sure that was the date). I had been invited to go with my oldest sister and her husband as well with my other sister and her husband at that time I had brought my live in boyfriend I had never been smelt fishing and I thought it odd in the dead of winter to fish and so late at night.. about 11 or 12.  All along the lake front you saw the fishermen with their nets and little fires burning.  We had found a lace set our site and fire had gotten our poles as we all gathered around the fire and that was when I burned the soles of my shoes just to keep warm and the moon was shinning brightly.  My oldest sister and I had made our way to the wash rooms and me always the always looking around for potential harm on our way back as we made the turn to get back to our spot there I saw a man leaning against the tree as the moon seemed to just shine on him…that is when I saw him dressed in a black coat that seemed of European dress with tails a shirt that was white with ruffles and like a top hat… he stood staring back at me and I kept looking and then I turned my head away and back he was still standing there up against the tree. I thought to myself this is strange maybe he is a killer or stalker and I thought to myself does my sister see this? I was afraid to ask because she would of thought me to be nuts! or a scardie  cat. As our fishing trip ended and we all headed home.. I had finally went to bed about 3:00 in the morning and that is when I had a weirdest dream and in a deep sleep,  where I had a of a battle off the rocks aimed at the lake shooting at ships, the dress of the uniforms were that of like the revolution and to this date I had always wondered if a battle was fought there or were there dead soldiers buried around there.