It was the day after my moms death as the whole family gathered early that morning, all together we stood strong for dad not wanting him to share his pain and loss alone together all shared our pain and grief and helplessness of now. The day went by very slowly but eventually the day went by.  I went home about 10 or maybe at 11 pm, completely drawn and tired and like every night I always slept on the couch with my little black and white tv laying on my coffee table.  I grabbed my blankets and laid back and continued to smoke my cigerettes and watch that small black and white tv as I was laying back I had seen somthing forming at the edge of the coffee table it was like a sillouette of a person with hands clasped in prayer, head tilted forward and the expression of the mouth open at first I thought geez, I must be smoking to many cigerettes and I kept rubbing my eyes and it would not go away it got to the point I had covered my head with my blankets and fell asleep.  The next morning I had awoke and still thought of what I had seen and wondered does heartache cause illusions, or lack of sleep make you see things that are not there..I wonder if it was mom most of all.