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The sun shinning all drapes are open mid-afternoon, just trying to take a pic of a purse wanting to sell on a garage sale sight, and once again a orb flew right across my right hand as I was taking a pic of the purse, at first thought thinking boy I need to dust that is how visible it was. I had taken two pics first one looked like my hand was shaking and the second one I had caught something the reason I think it was a orb not a dust particle.whtsthis1gppp2

About hauntedpages

I am married and a mother of three soon to be a grandmother of twin boys...I am so happy for that...I have two dogs...a turtle and one bird....Much has changed The twins came early born at 5 months in March of last year weighing only 1 pound 12 ounces to date the twins are prospering and growing my little gifts from God, I soon will be a grandmother again My youngest daughter will be having a baby girl named Lilly in December..I have been Blessed!

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