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Even after Christmas!

pp1I was so busy the Christmas week, even having to work the Friday night of Christmas at 12 am to clean a store.  Just wanted to rest that following Sunday before heading out to work at 10 pm so I go into the Blue room I call it about 3 in the afternoon as the dogs and husband were down stairs with the steps blocked by the gate so none of my little friends would come up and visit me and sleep at the foot end of the bed.  Thinking I could finally breathe a sigh of relief and sleep but to my surprise I kept hearing not a tapping but like a clicking, knowing it was not our heater because when that goes on it makes a swooshing sound and then becomes quiet. So I lay there thinking that freakin Green room so once more I grab the camera go in and take a picture of the mirror on the dresser…and here we go again something or someone in there and then I walk out.  And as you see that ear is not mine. I am behind that flash!  Or is this all my imagination…. or just a really dirty mirror I do not wish to touch.   I am adding a photo and asking the readers to decide on what is seen.  They say the mind automatically identifies with faces when trying to figure a image that is not clear.  Does anyone see what I see?



About hauntedpages

I am married and a mother of three soon to be a grandmother of twin boys...I am so happy for that...I have two dogs...a turtle and one bird....Much has changed The twins came early born at 5 months in March of last year weighing only 1 pound 12 ounces to date the twins are prospering and growing my little gifts from God, I soon will be a grandmother again My youngest daughter will be having a baby girl named Lilly in December..I have been Blessed!

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