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The Squatter

Could it be possibe? As a rountine I had always had stopped at the local 7-11 for my morning coffee, as usual it was 5:30 am as I headed off to work my schedule was a full day. I worked 3 part time jobs at one place, morning care from 6:00 am to 8:00 am and lunces from 11:00 am to 1:00 and aftercare at 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm. At my local 7-11 in the early morning hours and where I stopped for my coffee and as usual there was always one or two pan handlers as I entered the store usually they were always standing by their cars how ironic…to see this on a daily basis pan handling for money and having a car, for the life of me I could never understand that…here I am working three jobs to help support my family as my husbands job relocated and unemployment only helped a little. This one morning headed off to work in the darkness..walking quickly to my destination as I approched the 7-11 there were the pan handlers but I had noticed one new pan handler who was squatting down carring a pack pack on his pack..he was just squatting his hand out…what was unusual about this person was that he was young clean shaven never seen him before. His hand was out and never said a word as I approched and started to pass I gave him a quarter and I stared into his face it was his eyes that had caught my attention to where it stopped me dead in my tracks, they were the bluest eyes I have ever seen and a strange feeling came over me that left me wondering who was this person…I proceeded into the store had gotten my coffee and paper…no longer than 5 minutes.. the store was usually empty in the early morning hours as I came out that squatter was gone….I looked around….did not see him anywhere as I continued on my way a strange peace came over me..not the usual worry as I walked…get to work…get things set up…money..bills as I walked there was always your native wild life on my way in the inner city the pigeons that held witness to my daily walk as they lurched above on the power lines..but I had noticed somthing else as I looked up the pigeons were not the standard version that I had always seen…on this day the pigeons were white and one even had a fan tail…and on my walk to work I thought to myself what did I just experience….Who was this man? Where did he go? It was only a few minutes that I was in the 7-11…Why the sence of peace? Why the white pigeons or could they have been doves? Was this man Jesus Christ himself? That is the feeling I felt when I had arrived at work and sat for a few moments sipping on my coffee….and for months after I had continued to feel that sence of peace!

About hauntedpages

I am married and a mother of three soon to be a grandmother of twin boys...I am so happy for that...I have two dogs...a turtle and one bird....Much has changed The twins came early born at 5 months in March of last year weighing only 1 pound 12 ounces to date the twins are prospering and growing my little gifts from God, I soon will be a grandmother again My youngest daughter will be having a baby girl named Lilly in December..I have been Blessed!

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