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It was a hot summers night as my mom tried desperately to keep all of us cool, back then we had no air conditioners and not even fans the window were our only way of cooling off.  It must have been late August and as always the bay windows were open using coke bottles,(imagine that) it was very quite inside as I tried to sleep but outside in the darkness was the jungle right outside those bay windows of cricket sounds that echoed through the night.  Thoughts of alligators drawing nearer and nearer to our second floor window waiting to come in and eat us all in the darkness of night instinctively I ran to the window and pulled that coke bottle out to close their point of entry to where I found myself stuck thumb and all between the ledge and window screaming once more in the deadness of night.  To this day my left thumb has a crease at the bottom knuckle. My poor Mom!

About hauntedpages

I am married and a mother of three soon to be a grandmother of twin boys...I am so happy for that...I have two dogs...a turtle and one bird....Much has changed The twins came early born at 5 months in March of last year weighing only 1 pound 12 ounces to date the twins are prospering and growing my little gifts from God, I soon will be a grandmother again My youngest daughter will be having a baby girl named Lilly in December..I have been Blessed!

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